tree-icon About Us

Association of Family Forest Owners, Nepal (AFFON) is; a common platform and umbrella organization for ensuring the tenure and usufruct rights of Family forest owners since 8th March, 2015 (B.S 2071/11/24). AFFON takes initiatives in contributing to the national slogan “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali”. AFFON has been actively functioning in 60 districts of Nepal. AFFON has been working with it’s partners to empower communities through democratic natural resource management.

Structure of National Association

National assembly will be the highest organogram of AFFON which forms working committee in every four years. National Assembly will form working committee of 49 members from selected representative at district level based on number of family forests. 33% female representatives will be in the association for making the committee more inclusive. AFFON conducts it’s Council meeting in every two years. There is representation of District Committee, Steering Committee, Central Committee and Advisory Committee in the AFFON Working Committee.

Secretariat and Human Resources management

The office of Secretariat will remain on Kathmandu. In national secretariat Administration Account, Resources-information Centre, legal support unit will be established as needed. Association will conduct campaign with co-work and support from stake-holders for extension and conduction of organization and to meet the objectives, vision and mission of organization. Each member and representative will work voluntarily in organization. Office of each District association will be established at Headquarter of that district. Similarly every district association will work independently for development and implementation of their program. National Association will help on capacity building and leadership development.

Our Mission

Sustainable management of Family Forest and economic development with ensuring rights for establishment of prosperous Nepal.”

Our Vision

“One family, one family forest: Prosperous Nepal our campaign”

Our Objectives

  • Establishment of potential organization for securing and establishment of further Rights of family forest farmers.
  • Economic Transformation of Family forest Farmers through sustainable management of Family Forest.
  • Advocacy for formulation and implementation of policy for ensuring rights of Family Forest farmers.