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Continuity in AFFON Province Meetings, Zoom Meeting of Province 5 !

Continuity in AFFON Province Meetings, Zoom Meeting of Province 5 !

Province Committee, Province 5 AFFON has conducted the province level meeting with the district chairpersons, Central Steering Committee members, Province Chairs, Central Committee members and staffs of AFFON on 13th August 2020. As per the decision made on the previous Steering Committee’s meeting dated 4th August, 2020 , the province has followed Bagmati Province Committee, AFFON’s meeting in the invaluable presence of Central Chairperson, Senior Vice Chairperson, General Secretary , and others as mentioned.
Meghraj Bhusal : Province Incharge ,Balaram Bhattarai : Province Chairperson, Sushila Khatiwada : Province Vice-chairperson, Bagmati Province , Kiran Dhakal : Province Secretary , Ram Malla Thakuri , Kalpana Bhandari Central Committee Member, District chairpersons: Parbati Kafle, Bheshraj Neupane and Banika Bhandari also including the staffs of AFFON.
Major agendas :
  • Smooth coordination shall be built amidst AFFON Center and Province Committtees and District chapters for further linkage and coordination with all three tiers of government.
  • Progress sharing of Province 5 , Dang district chapter and it’s plantation campaign.
  • Conduct massive zoom meetings with all stakeholders of AFFON
  • High-tech nursery establishment and further way forwards
  • Need to conduct a survey of Family Forest Farmers for knowing their livelihood needs and impacts of COVID in forestry and agriculture .

Some snapshots :

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