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Gorkha District Updates: Rural municipal level interaction and assembly , press meet and field visit with stakeholders !

Gorkha District Updates: Rural municipal level interaction and assembly , press meet and field visit with stakeholders !

Local chapters formed in Arughat and Palungtaar :

District Chapter AFFON, Gorkha recently conducted an interaction and assembly in Arughat rural municipality , Gorkha discussing upon the challenges, opportunities and way forwards of Family Forestry in Gorkha. Similarly, another local chapter was formed within a week in Palungataar too. In both programs the participants claimed that they were unknown about AFFON and its works in the district and whole country. Both local chapters were formed in the lead role of Treasurer AFFON, Mr. Rajendra Bhatta and the District executive committee Gorkha. In both places the meeting went very interactive where family forest farmers realized that family forestry is a very useful sector and if they work in their family forests with full dedication they can earn good and sustain their livelihood.

Whereas in Aarughaat , 15 membered committee has been formed in the chairmanship of Tika Narayan Shrestha! In Paalungtaar, Janakraj Bhatta was nominated as the new president amidst 17 membered committee. Both local chapters’ formation was successful amidst intellectuals, stakeholders and local representatives of respective wards.

Few snapshots of the event :

Press meet :

A press meet was also organized discussing upon issues of Family Forestry. Most of the media personals shared that they had  not understood the issues of family forestry previously, but the meet cleared their confusions regarding the issue. In the meet, Mr. Ramhari Sapkota , District Chapter Secretary of Federation of Journalists also shared his views regarding the upliftment of Family forestry and roles of media personals in it.

They shared that it was a misunderstanding that the farmers use aluminum windows  even though they have timber in their family forests following the trend ; but it is their compulsion as they are not allowed  to sell it on their will. They positively committed to further publish and broadcast the issues and success of family forestry and the farmers.

Few snapshots of the meet:

Field visit to the forest of local farmers :

Another program held was the field visit of stakeholders and honorable parliamentarians, local chiefs and AFFON members to two different forests of Mr. Bishworam Kunwar and Mr. Gyan Bahadur Kunwar. Fruitful discussions were made during the visit, where farmers have a lot of treasure as their forest but have been compelled to stay aloof . Honorable Parliamentarians committed that if appropriate management and marketing of family forests can be made it will change the lives of many farmers. Also, as the proper rights have not been provided to the local levels, if family forest friendly laws and policies can be introduced, many things are possible.

Few snapshots of the field visits :


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