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Initiating Central Committee Meeting of AFFON !

Initiating Central Committee Meeting of AFFON !

AFFON conducted its Central Committee Meeting on 12th May , in the invaluable presence of Chairperson AFFON, Senior Vice Chairperson AFFON, General Secretary AFFON, Treasurer AFFON and Province In-charge of Province 1, Province 2 , Bagmati Province, Gandaki Province, Province 5 , and Sudurpaschim Province including active participation of central committee members of AFFON and staffs AFFON ! It was initiated by mourning for a minute to all death tolls due to COVID 19 in Nepal.

The meeting made discussions on various agendas as follows:

Reporting from all participants from respective districts.

Plantation updates/ Demand Collection for plantation

COVID 19 challenges and experiences

Coordination and resource leveraging at local levels.

Membership data management

Province level next meeting to be held on 15th May.

Virtual Conference with medicinal herb producer.

Meetings to be held with all individual Province Committees.

Way Forwards

Few snapshots of the event.



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