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Province 1 , Province Committee Meeting !

Province 1 , Province Committee Meeting !

Province 1 concluding the initial phase of Province level virtual meets of AFFON on 11th September in the invaluable presence of Central Chairperson AFFON , Central Treasurer , Senior Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary , Central Vice-Chairperson/ Province 1 In-charge,Central Vice-Chairperson/ Bagmati Province In-charge ,Central Vice-Chairperson/ Province 5 In-charge, Central Committee Members , Dik Bomjan Bhumika Acharya , Ambika Thapa, Central Steering Committee members, Province Chairs, Central Committee members and staffs of AFFON. The meeting attendees included Indra Bahadur Gurung, Laxmi Khadka, Rabin Bhattrai, Buddha Raj Karki  and staffs of AFFON.
Major agendas :
  • District wise Follow-up meeting shall be completed by the end of Asoj .
  • Rural municipal/municipal level coordination along with Division Forest Offices and Agriculture Resource Center and submission of proposals for empowerment of Family Forest Farmers.
  • 4 Member-ed Province Level Committee formed for overall coordination including (Laxman Pathak, Gopal Bhattrai, Rabindra Subedi and Nabin Paudel.
  • Smooth coordination shall be built amidst AFFON Center and Province Committtees and District chapters for further linkage and coordination with all three tiers of government.
  • District wise as well as Center’s sharing of ongoing activities (Updates on activities performed  during the pandemic)
  • Discussions on the way forwards.

Some snapshots:



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