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Woes of being forest farmer!

Woes of being forest farmer!

A member of Family Forest Owners Nepal (AFFON) Banke has established a nursery of lahare pipal(Ficus religiosa) spread over two bighas of private land (0.8 ha).

Mr.Yam Bahadur Khadka, recident of Chapaurgaudhi district of Banke(western Nepal), owner of the nursery, has grown about one lakh lahare peepal on his own effort and brings  the needed seeds all way from India. With the prevailing situation of not having/being able to establish a market linkage and time limitation ( the saplings are to be planted till January- February ) has left Mr. Khandka in panic.

He claims that if the Government wishes could support the farmers like him. He furthers adds, “local community prefer fast growing plants as they produce results quicker. If the Nepal Government promotes the local farmers by creating enabling environment for the purchase of saplings grown by local farmers rather than importing will motivate and encourage the farmers to get involve in green jobs”

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